A Bohemian Style Look

Bohemian Style Look

wearing a dress bohemian dress

Hello Lovelies, Happy Tuesday!! It’s been a long time since I actually started blogging about fashion and beauty.

At the moment, I am very happy to start my journey with my blog again and talk to you about different styles that inspire me right now.

My inspiration at the moment is the bohemian style look for the reason that you can dress as a boho chic and look very glamorous.

red bohemian dress

So I decided to go to the mall and shop at forever 21 since they have a lot of cool clothes and jewelry. My friend helped me find the perfect boho style red dress that cost less than 20 dollars.

I was very impressed with finding a beautiful dress at an affordable price and my brown wedges shoes for 15 dollars.

At first, it was very hard for me to find a perfect dress for the reason that I didn’t know what to look for but thanks to my friend Natalia, she was able to guide me in finding the perfect boho dress.

bohemian style dress with brown wedge shoes

I was so excited to do the photo shoot and help you guys see the type of style you can use for the summer or even Coachella if you are in California.

Coachella was another inspiration I wanted to talk about since the boho style is trending at the moment, including the ruffle dresses.

bohemian style red dress

The picture came out so great just like the vision I had by being around nature and dressy up like a boho chic. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and checking out my website. Have a wonderful day :).

This is my favorite picture of all of them because I am standing next to my amazing niece. She motivates me to work hard and be myself at all times.


Sela Jara

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