About Maricela


Hello, Welcome to Simply Little Glam!

Simply Little Glam is a creative outlet where you can find my daily outfits, inspirational ideas, styling on a budget, beauty tutorials, DIY projects, and home décor.

Hi There, I’m Maricela

Thank you so much for stopping by! I am the content creator behind Simply Little Glam (SLG) and a twenty-something fashion and beauty blogger just living life to the fullest.

After I graduated from college, I didn’t know what path to take and wasn’t quite sure what my next step will be. So, I started taking courses online on digital marketing and social media. That’s when I realized I needed to create a creative outlet.

Also, when I started learning about the blogging world in how people talk about what the things they are interested in or passionate about I feel in love with the idea of sharing your passion and connect with people from all over the world.

I knew I wanted to create something, but I wasn’t quite sure of what I wanted to create at the time. Then, my blog was born “Simply Little Glam!!”  I was so excited to create this space to share with you my love for all things in fashion and beauty.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my blog, and thank you so much for joining me on this new journey. If you want to chat with me or connect, I would love to hear from you.