Top 5 Street Style Fashion Outfits

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post and it feels so good to be back! It’s been very cold and raining in Houston. Who’s already for this cold weather to go away? I hope we can get some warmer weather soon. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite outfits for Spring.

The styles below have a little bit of both fall and spring fashion. I wanted to give me more street style kind of feel with neutral colors and a fashionable hat.

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walking down the street
wearing a brown coat and walking down the street
white shirt with jeans and a trench coat

Shirt: Medium | Pants: 8 | Belt: One Size | Hat: One size | Coat: Medium (similar)


I love the details on this cute ruffle grey shirt that I found in forever 21 stores when they had a sale. I paired this shirt with some ripped jeans from Hollister and black tassel earrings from Amazon.

wearing a grey sweater and rip jeans
posing in the street
standing in front of the sign
walking down the street in fashion
sitting in front of the plant
walking in fashion
showing off my rip jeans

Shirt: Medium |Pants: 8 | Shoes: 6 | Hat: One Size

The third outfit idea is a cute floral dark color dress you can use when you are going to a brunch with your friends downtown or stopping at a cool coffee shop.

crossing the road in style
street style in the coffee shop
in the coffee shop
showing off my floral dress
wearing a green floral dress

Dress: Medium | Shoes: 6 | Hat: One size

So, for this outfit I wanted to do something fun, cute, and girly! I figured this cute gingham skirt would look so stylish with a baby pink turtle neck sweater.

wearing a pink sweater and plaid skirt
walking around the bridge
downtown fashionista
wearing a cute skirt and pink sweater
walking around in fashion

Skirt: Large | Shirt: Medium | Shoes: 6

Last but not least, this outfit was an inspiration to me because I love the details of the lace dress and the little fluffy sweater that made it so perfect. I actually got this fluffy sweater from amazon for $24 dollars.

wearing a pink outfit
pink dress and sweater
fashion style outfit
wearing a pink dress
standing in front of the tree
posing for the camera
fashion style for the spring

Fluffy Sweater: Medium | Dress: Medium (similar)


Hope you guys enjoyed my blog post.



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